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You may be asked when requesting quotations many questions which you may not understand, we have designed this page specifically to help our customers with terminology used in this industry.

Area CodeIs the postal code for Europe 4-5 digits
UnaccompaniedTrailer/Container is left at quay without a driver, which is then shipped and is collected by another driver
Driver accompaniedA driver stays with the trailer which ensures quicker delivery and additional security
Full LoadGoods will take up FULL trailer or container
Part Load/GroupagePallets or goods NOT taking up the full floor space of a 13.6m trailer


120x100x? (26 plts non-stack fit onto 13.6m/45' Trailer)
120x80x? (33 plts non-stack fit onto a 13.6m/45' Trailer)
Loading metre
We can load other pallets on top of your goods
Nothing can be loaded on top of your pallet
A pallet small and light in weight may be put on top of other goods/pallets
The floor space your goods will take up in metres


2 Standard non-stack pallets = 1 loading metre (1750kgs chargeable weight)

3 Euro's non-stack pallets = 1.2 loading metres (2100kgs chargeable weight)

Below are descriptions and dimensions of regular equipment. We have alternative vehicles available to meet your requirements, please speak to a Eurofreight representative for help and advice.

Equipment: Not all equipment listed is available for worldwide services
13.6m Trailer
Mega trailer
20'/40' DV Container
45' Container
Curtainsider (loads from the side/back) 80m3
The most versitile curtainsider which you can load from the roof/side/back 80m3
Usually the same as Euroliner but with internal height 2.9-3m 101m3
Loading from the back ONLY. Length 6m (20') or 12m (40') x Width 2.44m x 2.4m
Length 13.6 x Width 2.44 x 2.4-2.7m

Please note: vehicle sizes shown above are for guidance only and actual sizes may vary.

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